About Lever Disease 2004

SPECIAL THANKS for all the care given by the doctors, techs, students, and staff at the Truesdell Animal Care Hospital, Veterinary Emergency Services Clinic, and UW Vet School!

UPDATE 8/28/04: Chester came home on 8/25 and is improving. He has been diagnosed with chronic liver disease. Please pray that he will eat on his own soon as we are having to force-feed him. See photos during recovery at UW Vet School.

UPDATE 9/1/04: Chester’s liver values are stable, and he has even gained a couple of pounds back. He is still not eating much on his own. Most physical causes have been ruled out, so it may be that he has developed some sort of food aversion. Keep praying!


Chester has received EXCELLENT care from all the folks at the UW Vet School. They are really a special group of people!

UPDATE 9/9/04: Chester is getting stronger every day, and overall he is doing well. His ability to eat on his own is slowly recovering, and we are hopeful that his food aversion will lessen soon.

UPDATE 9/24/04: Chester has been taken off the antibiotics and is eating like crazy. His liver values are almost normal. He will continue on some meds that support his liver and on a special diet. Hopefully, the disease has been caught early enough that it can be managed.

Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes.

UPDATE 11/6/04: GREAT NEWS!!! Chester’s liver values are normal! He is to be taken off all his meds and put back on a regular diet. He will continue to have his bloodwork monitored, but it seems that the hepatitis has resolved.

A lot of very special people helped to make Chester well…health professionals, clergy, family, friends…even people who didn’t know him emailed get-well wishes and prayers.

We are thankful to have him well.