Health Update

2/16/2007:  Chester’s ALT is almost normal, the lowest it has been since his relapse last summer.  His Budesonide dosage was lowered last month.  Since then, his energy has greatly increased.

Chester celebrated his eighth birthday on February 15th. Thanks to all his good friends at the UW Vet School and Truesdell Animal Care Hospital for keeping him going!

2/28/2007:  Chester developed another staph infection earlier in the month and is being treated with antibiotics. Unfortunately, his liver numbers are elevated again. He is experiencing some problems with his appetite and is lethargic again.

We have accepted that his illness is chronic, but it still breaks our hearts everytime he takes a downturn.  This one is hard to take in light of the big boost in his energy level just a few weeks ago. Hopefully, we can get him a little better over the next weeks, so that he will be ready for some serious outdoor fun when the snow melts!

3/12/2007: Chester’s liver numbers have come down, and his staph infection seems to be healing. He is feeling a little better and eating better. His puddy friends provide competition for his canned food, which encourages him to eat.  With a bit more improvement, he’ll be ready to chase robins in no time.

3/23/2007:  Chester is doing much better. His liver numbers are moving toward normal.  He’s back on his regular diet and exercise routine. Last week, we went to the dog park.  Before I could stop him, he started rolling in the mud like a crazy dog. He got his red collar and his red bandanna all dirty, but he had a howlin’ good time!